a 24/7 server (always online)
a .com website
more npc en skils
a verry good server that is faster and has more worlds

PsychoMS is a new maplestory private server with nice rates/all in one shop and that stuff
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 3ed try is the charm i guess (:

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PostSubject: 3ed try is the charm i guess (:   Thu Apr 29, 2010 8:02 am

Joe Hartman,

17 (10-31-1992),

Oregon, USA (GMT- = On when other Gm sleep

In game my name is Santa, the Most Know regular player.


Why You Want To Be A Gm On Rick's Sever,
Well Being a Gm For me is not like most people, most of the time in games i want to be a Regular player. So i can enjoy the game and participate with all of the other players and just have a fun time. As for this server "psychoms" I feel the urge to give all that i can to make sure the server survives and grows. Even when im not a Gm I make sure to tell ever one to vote and donate if they can. Why do i want to be a gm on Ricks Server well its so simple its just as using me as fertilizer im here for others to grow.

Why You Think You Would Make A Good Gm.
Good Gm's dont need to be told what they need to do and how they should handle they job, its a trust. Even as you read this Im most likely helping out some newbe and showing him that this server is the best. But Also Gm's must be calm and know when to be playfull and when to discipline. Altho thats not my job, gm's must know how to tie a situation down. And again why do you I think I would make a good Gm? well the answer is because i have all of these traits. And its a Trust i can hold.

If You Been A Gm On Past Sever,
Brostory--- lasted 3 months host quit
FlipMS--- quit when little kids took over
ShadowMS--- could not pay server host

How Long You Would Be On
*Saturday- if i dont have plans allday
Monday- 5 hours
Tuesday- 3 hours
Wednesday- 6 hours
Thursday- 3 hours
Firday- 4 hours
*Sunday if i dont have plans allday

*= if you tell me i need to be on i can be on anytime

I "Joe Hartman" Will Not Abuse Your Position Has A GM,

As Gm i swear to uphold my act as Gm To Help Players In-Game,


sincerely yours,
Joe Hartman "Santa"

Ps. i could learn how to script code for you its not that hard to learn and im vary adaptable iv taken Programming classes.
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3ed try is the charm i guess (:
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